Web Design

Focussed on providing responsive content and creative design with subtle animation, white spaces and clear branding.

Our Design Works


Our web design varies depending on the clients industry and requirements.

We have built websites for Building Companies, Pubs, Compliance Companies, Charities, Trainers, Online Shops, Sports Clubs and many more. Some sites consist of only 4 pages whilst the largest has around 70 pages.

Each website requires at least one purpose or desired outcome such as to; Make contact, Download a file, Buy a product, Book a course. These desired outcomes are assessed to evaluate the success of the website for the client.

Responsive Design

We now view websites on a number of different devices with various screen sizes.  Elements on a website viewed on a desktop computer may resize or reposition when viewed on a mobile phone. Menu systems will also likely change depending on the screen size of the device. We ensure that our websites view perfectly on all screen sizes, landscape or portrait.


The vast majority of our websites are built using a Content Management System called WordPress and a single theme called Champion.

Since 2014 we have built a great relationship with the software producers of Champion and now help in the development of their software. ICON Web Design is proud to be one of their 3 dedicated website designers worldwide.

This close relationship and partnership with Champion means that our websites benefit from frequently improved software, modern design options and up to date web standards.

Search Engine Optimisation

There are many factors which accumulate to ‘please’ the search engines. Essentially we wish for our websites to be found on the 1st page of web searches. There are numerous considerations which impact on SEO:

  • Structured sitemap
  • URL structure
  • Website navigation
  • Organised page coding involving hierarchy structure
  • Useful content containing references and both internal and external links within the text paragraph
  • Image optimisation
  • Dynamic content – constantly adding new content, i.e. news posts
  • Integrating Social Media and Google Business services
  • Keyword structure
  • Fast page loading
  • Content Delivery Network
  • SSL Certification
  • Current software

Our Services