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Secure high speed hosting on either a Cloud Host or Dedicated Server

Daily backups, free email and a free SSL certificate.

Our Hosting Services


There are 2 hosting options for you to choose from. Both options offer a very high standard of speed, services and security.

Option 1. Essential Plan

This is our default hosting plan.  Fast, secure and does the job.

This option includes an SSL Certificate, frequent backups, email addresses and .uk domain name. 

It covers everything you need for a fast and secure website.

Option 2. Enhanced Plan

Your website is displayed extremely fast on a high spec server and benefits from additional cache software. 

So, all the services included in option 1 but on a super fast server. This is ideal for larger websites, high traffic demand, and those that will benefit from the extra speed.

It includes a premium caching setup to significantly improve page loading speed.

All clients on our Managed Service will be hosted on the Enhanced Plan.


Multiple e-mail accounts are included in both hosting options.

Each email account is limited to 10gb in the first instance. Which should be plenty. Additional space can be purchased if required. 

You can have up to 10 email accounts but just ask if you need more.

Web Services

With most other providers these services are offered at an additional cost. We aim to provide a very high standard so include the following services FREE with both hosting options.

Backups – Your website is backed-up daily and can be restored to any day over the previous month.

SSL Certificate – Every domain now has a standard SSL certificate. A SSL certificate offers security for clients leaving their data on your website forms and is represented by the green lock on your browser. Google would like all websites to have an SSL certificate and it is believed that having a certificate gives you an extra boost on their search results. More info here. Extended SSL Certificates can be purchased if required – get in touch for more info.


Both hosting options include a or .uk domain name.

Other domain extensions are now available eg .services, .bar, .training, .school, .soccer, .dog • please enquire for a full list and costings.

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