Photography & Video Candid and Natural

Give your website a much more personal feel and a real insight into what you do, through natural photography, piece to camera and drone footage.

Our PhotogrAPHY Work


Throughout our website and graphic design work, we’ve clearly identified the crucial role that high-quality images and videos play. They not only elevate the overall design but also allow you to showcase your identity and create a more personal connection with your customers or clients. Utilising high quality equipment and advanced editing software, we aim to produce photos that truly stand out.

There are endless ways photography can be used, whether it be headshots that truly showcase the personalities of the team, external shots highlighting beautiful surroundings or naturally capturing  events as they happen. Our talented photographer specialises in an unobtrusive and friendly photography style that will help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. We work with a range of different subjects and styles, but specialise in working with people and capturing candid, natural moments.

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Riverside Plants

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Latitude Fitness

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Moorland School

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Our Video Services

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Drone Video Footage

We offer stunning drone video footage and photography. Using a high-definition drone camera to capture breathtaking aerial shots that provide a unique element to promotional videos, website imagery and socials. We handle all aspects of production, from planning and shooting to final edits and publishing.

For example, we created a promotional video for the Glusburn Institute Community and Arts Centre, to showcase its beautiful architecture from a new perspective.

We also produced and edited a video for Tri-Tech Surveys, to be used on their website and showcase their aerial surveying services.


We offer piece-to-camera videos that help you connect with your audience in a direct and personal way. Whether it’s to better explain a service, meet a key member of the company or be used to create advertising materials.

We have high-quality video equipment, lighting, editing software and an autocue to make the process as easy as possible and to look and sound the best it can. 

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