Managed Service & SEO Plan

With a Managed Service you get a dedicated number of hours per month to your Website, SEO and Graphics.

You also benefit from additional software and are hosted on a super fast dedicated server.


Online Progression

Post Launch Support

Whilst we host your website you are part of the family. We are always available for support, which is often provided free of charge. It takes us no time to tweak, swap an image, change title, swap a paragraph – so there is no charge for this type of work.

Software updates are done on an ongoing basis and an annual review is undertaken.

Some of our clients really get involved in the evolution of their website. They login to the content management system and write posts, change images and rewrite main content – we love for these clients to get ‘stuck in’ and offer free support for those, ‘How do you…?’ questions.

Other clients prefer to dedicate their time on their primary business and don’t touch their website. They may email occasionally requesting word and image changes. Very often these are done the same day and for free!

SEO Plan

Our SEO Plan begins at 1 hour per month. This is dedicated time, focussing on blog production and SEO keywords. All clients on this product benefit from Pro SEO Software.

This plan focusses on creating a regular news post / blog. The news posts offer an opportunity to increase google rankings by creating dynamic content on the website. For example we could create a news post which focusses on keywords which you’d like to be found on google searches. We would require text and images (if possible) to be sent via email for the content of the blog. We can rewrite the text if necessary and create the news post on the website.

In addition, Pro SEO Software is added to your website. This gives us the ability to analyse the pages of the website and improve the google keyword search results. 

This plan is paid monthly on top of the yearly hosting plan.

Managed Service Plan

For some clients we offer dedicated hours per month which we refer to as a ‘managed service’. Typically this is 3+ hours per month. There is no contract and the service can be cancelled at any time – although most clients simply have this service ongoing.

Those on a Managed Service pay monthly. There is no annual fee as with the other plans. All managed service clients are on the Enhanced Hosting Plan and also benefit from pro SEO software.

The monthly hours are spent evolving the website with additional pages, SEO, writing news posts, graphic design, marketing campaigns and setting up additional services such as chat bots, trustpilot, mailchimp.

Sometimes a client may request specific work such as producing a mailchimp campaign. Other times we suggest ideas such as developing a google business page or integrating zendesk chat app.

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