Managed Service Our Premium Service

With a Managed Service you get a dedicated number of hours per month for your Website, SEO, Graphics, Digital Marketing and Videography.

You also benefit from additional software and you are also hosted on our superfast server.

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Managed Service Plan

For some clients we offer dedicated hours per month which we refer to as a ‘managed service’. Typically this is 5+ hours per month. There is no contract and the service can be cancelled at any time – although most clients simply have this service ongoing.

Those on a Managed Service pay monthly. There is no annual fee as with the other plans. All managed service clients are on the Enhanced Hosting Plan and also benefit from pro SEO software.

The monthly hours are spent evolving the website with additional pages, SEO, writing news posts, graphic design, marketing campaigns and setting up additional services such as chat bots, trustpilot, mailchimp.

Sometimes a client may request specific work such as producing a mailchimp campaign. Other times we suggest ideas such as developing a google business page or integrating zendesk chat app.


Tri-Tech Surveys and Site Surveying Services

Tri-Tech and Site Surveys are sister companies. ICON commits a set amount of time per week which is purely dedicated to the needs of both companies. As such, their annual hosting cost is included.

This time is spent working remotely, in their office spaces and when required, on-site. 

Some of our work undertaken….

Digital Marketing: Website Development, Email campaigns, Keyword analysis, Content Writing.

Graphic Design: Poster and Flyer print, Digital Artwork, Branding Progression, Business Cards, Folders etc.

Videography: Video Creation, Piece to Camera, Drone Video, Photography.


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